May 142013

Soda Blasting – 1954 Dodge Power Wagon

This is a 54 power wagon under-going a restoration.  We were contacted to strip the old paint down to the very solid, American steel.  This was the “Hummer” of the 50s military vehicles.  You probably have seen these in some army movies, especially Korea.  We are working on a cold day in Damascus, Maryland.

It Looks Rough

But aside from the bed, there was not that much rust for a 59-year-old, well used, truck.  The plow hitch on the front must weight 400 pounds!

A Few Hours Later

We have the cab, fenders and hood stripped down and ready for some repairs and off to the painters.  The soda coating on the  bare steel will prevent rusting long enough to get work done, as long as it is kept dry.  I have left some panels of my own, that I had soda blasted, sit for a year in the garage with no surface rusting.  Just wash off the soda with soap and warm water and it is ready for prep.


Feb 262013

Soda Blasting to Remove Boat Bottom Paint

It’s not too early to get a start on boat maintenance for the upcoming boating season.  Weather permitting, we can soda blast year-round.  This is a 30′ sailboat we did in February at the Old Bay Marina in Sparrows Point, Maryland.


Old Paint

The bottom looked pretty rough to start, with several years of wear, crud and 3 layers of paint to strip.  We setup our containment and got started.  The temperature was around 39 degrees, borderline warm enough for our equipment.


Cleaned Down to The Gel-Coat

4 hours later and the paint and crud are all gone.  The hull underneath was in great shape for a 30 year-old boat.  Some minimal clean-up and finishing and she is ready for a fresh coat of bottom coating.



The spent soda and old paint are picked up and removed for disposal.


Jan 082013

Who Do You Call?

How do you strip the paint from a classic Corvette without the hours of tedious chemical stripping or sanding, especially the hard to reach places?  Soda blasting of course, after all, this is a soda blasting web site.

Soda Blasting a Corvette to Remove Paint

This is another classic Vet we were recently called to soda blast.  The owners painter of choice advised soda blasting to get the job done, safely, fast and thoroughly.  This is a very nice 1971 model in really solid condition, in Crownsville, Maryland.  The car was ready with everything removed that would normally come off for painting.

Ready Set Blast

Here we are, one afternoon and all ready to go to the body shop for prep and paint.  We look forward to doing his 1965 convertable in the not too distant future.


Dec 112012

Soda Blasting to Strip Bottom Paint

This is a really nice 28′ power boat that was badly neglected.  There are only 100 hours on the engine, but it has been left in the water with no bottom maintenance for around 10 years.


This is what happens when your anti-fouling coating is exhausted.  The new owner was faced with the daunting task of re-habing the hull, first of all, what is under all of this accumulation.  The barnacles had to be hand scraped, they were too thick for chemicals.

Now to Finish the Job

After scraping we were able to come in and soda blast down to the underlying surface.  We removed the paint and the rest of the barnacles but they were so heavily attached that chemical treatment was still needed to remove the remaining barnacle foot prints before re-painting.

Cheap Insurance

It pays to keep up with the hull maintenance.  Regular stripping by soda blasting and re-coating with anti-fouling paint is fast and insures your hull is protected.

Jul 222012

Soda Blasting to Strip Classic Car For Restoration

This 1961 Corvette is a piece of Baltimore, Maryland history.  We were contacted by A.C.E.S. Body and Paint Works, in White Marsh, Maryland to see if we could help in the restoration.

High Profile Car

You might recognize this classic car from its appearance in the movie “Hair Spray”.  It was also the Corvette car that Cal Ripken Jr. rode around Camden Yards at his last major league game.  This is that car, and it is due for some TLC.

Part of the Restoration

A.C.E.S. does top quality work and we feel proud to participate in this project.  Chemical stripper was tried initially but was not working to satisfaction.  The priority was to safely remove the old lacquer paint with out damage to the 50 year old fiberglass underneath.  This is where we came in to help.

Soda Blasting~The Perfect Solution

We were there the next day.  With soda blasting we were able to strip the paint and primer down to the fiberglass.  Talk about fast and easy, the body was stripped clean and in the garage being prepped before we left.  All in one morning!

Jun 212012

Soda Blasting a 32 Ford

This is an all original 1932 Ford that was purchased in Phoenix.  The car was complete and in running, driving condition.  Green Clean Mobile Soda Blasting traveled to Forest Hill, Maryland for this restoration project.

Soda Blasting Preferred For Classic Restoration Projects

Soda blasting has the advantage of being able to remove the old paint, loose rust and any filler without damage to the original steel panels.  You never know what you might find, how about bullet holes?

The Frame Gets Cleaned Too

We were able to clean the frame of loose rust as well.  In this case the rust was minimal.  Sometimes an abrasive media is needed for deeply pitted areas.

Clean-Up And Safety Concerns

Clean-up and safety are always a concern.  With soda blasting, we completed the stripping process in the owners driveway, and clean-up was accomplished with the next rainy day!

We hope to have some pictures of the progress and finished project to post in the future.



Apr 242012

Soda Blasting to Remove Boat Paint

This looks like an early start on boating season, thanks to a very mild winter.  If you had your bottom paint removed at the end of last year, then your hull has dried all winter.  You can paint and go.

Boating Season Has Begun

This is a very nice 1998 Trophy we just stripped, located at Solomon Island, Maryland.  There were multiple layers of paint to be removed that had been applied over the years.  After hand sanding part of the hull themselves, the owners decided it was time to call a professional soda blaster.

Soda Blasting vs Hand Sanding

It is very easy to get a little heavy handed with sanding and dig into the gel coat in places, especially edges and hard to reach surfaces.  With soda blasting we can better judge the subtle color changes between paint and the gel coat surface.  We can leave the gel coat intact while removing only the surface paint.

Containment and Clean Up

Of concern to the marina owners is our containment and clean-up of the bottom paint.  The EPA is taking a greater interest in bottom paint as a hazardous substance.  We take care to lay plastic on the ground and surround the boat with a plastic tent to contain all of the material removed in the stripping process.  This is then picked up and properly disposed of.

Greatly Reduce Your Down-Time

With soda blasting we are generally done in one day and you can get on with the boating season!


Apr 032012

Soda Blasting a 66 ThunderBird

This was a soda blasting project we did in Rosedale, Maryland.  We were called to remove the paint from a 1966 ThunderBird for restoration.  This has been my favorite year for T-Birds ever since working at a gas station back when they were new.

Hoping There Are No Surprises

The body looks clean and straight with only some minor appearing issues, but you never know what is really under the paint.

Big Job to do by Hand

There is a lot of surface area to this car, which will mean some very large areas to strip.  Soda blasting can safely clean/strip these areas quickly, without the danger of warping the sheet metal.

Soda Blasting Gets the Job Done

The firewall can be difficult to properly strip and clean because of the irregular angles and corners.  Soda blasting gets into these areas and removes the dirt, grit and paint.

Feb 142012

What does fire do to your brick?

You’ve had a fire, sure, brick doesn’t burn, but when it’s over, you have a blackened, smoke and fire stained mess.  You’d like it to look original again.

Restoration after a fire

This is another job we completed recently in Silver Springs, Maryland.  Nichols Brothers Construction, located in Fulton Maryland, handled the repairs resulting from a fire at a private residence.  With the work completed, the only thing left was to deal with the scarred brick.

Who do you call?

Matt, from Nichols’ Brothers, contacted us to do the clean-up.  We at Green Clean Mobile Soda Blasting, LLC realize that when working at somebody’s home we don’t want to use anything toxic or hazardous or leave behind a bigger mess than we are cleaning.  Soda blasting is  economical and the obvious choice for all of these reasons.

Job finished in short order

It was a short drive from our office in Westminster to Silver Springs.  In one afternoon we were able to restore the brick to match the original surface.

Jan 102012

Soda Blasting to Strip Auto Paint

We soda blasted this 1941 Chevy, located in Lanham Maryland,  which is undergoing restoration.  It looks pretty good as-is but there were some tell-tale signs of work needed. 

What Are Your Choices

This car is 70 years old, it is very solid and all original steel, why take the chance with abrasive media.  The owner considered having the body dipped, but his experience with dipping was chemical leeching out of seams and joints which blistered the paint.

Enter Soda Blasting

We were able to strip two layers of paint, it was once gold, and some filler down to bare metal in the owners driveway.  As long as the body is kept dry, there is time to work with the restoration without flash rusting.

Customer Satisfaction

The owner was happy with the way the body turned out.  We were called back a second day to strip the hood and front fenders.  From the apparent craftsmanship going into the restoration, this 1941 Chevy should be a real show stopper when finished.  Watch for it.