Apr 032012

Soda Blasting a 66 ThunderBird

This was a soda blasting project we did in Rosedale, Maryland.  We were called to remove the paint from a 1966 ThunderBird for restoration.  This has been my favorite year for T-Birds ever since working at a gas station back when they were new.

Hoping There Are No Surprises

The body looks clean and straight with only some minor appearing issues, but you never know what is really under the paint.

Big Job to do by Hand

There is a lot of surface area to this car, which will mean some very large areas to strip.  Soda blasting can safely clean/strip these areas quickly, without the danger of warping the sheet metal.

Soda Blasting Gets the Job Done

The firewall can be difficult to properly strip and clean because of the irregular angles and corners.  Soda blasting gets into these areas and removes the dirt, grit and paint.

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