Feb 262013

Soda Blasting to Remove Boat Bottom Paint

It's not too early to get a start on boat maintenance for the upcoming boating season.  Weather permitting, we can soda blast year-round.  This is a 30' sailboat we did in February at the Old Bay Marina in Sparrows Point, Maryland.  

Old Paint

The bottom looked pretty rough to start, with several years of wear, crud and 3 layers of paint to strip.  We setup our containment and got started.  The temperature was around 39 degrees, borderline warm enough for our equipment.  

Cleaned Down to The Gel-Coat

4 hours later and the paint and crud are all gone.  The hull underneath was in great shape for a 30 year-old boat.  Some minimal clean-up and finishing and she is ready for a fresh coat of bottom coating.  


The spent soda and old paint are picked up and removed for disposal.  
Dec 112012

Soda Blasting to Strip Bottom Paint

This is a really nice 28' power boat that was badly neglected.  There are only 100 hours on the engine, but it has been left in the water with no bottom maintenance for around 10 years.


This is what happens when your anti-fouling coating is exhausted.  The new owner was faced with the daunting task of re-habing the hull, first of all, what is under all of this accumulation.  The barnacles had to be hand scraped, they were too thick for chemicals.

Now to Finish the Job

After scraping we were able to come in and soda blast down to the underlying surface.  We removed the paint and the rest of the barnacles but they were so heavily attached that chemical treatment was still needed to remove the remaining barnacle foot prints before re-painting.

Cheap Insurance

It pays to keep up with the hull maintenance.  Regular stripping by soda blasting and re-coating with anti-fouling paint is fast and insures your hull is protected.
Apr 242012

Soda Blasting to Remove Boat Paint

This looks like an early start on boating season, thanks to a very mild winter.  If you had your bottom paint removed at the end of last year, then your hull has dried all winter.  You can paint and go.

Boating Season Has Begun

This is a very nice 1998 Trophy we just stripped, located at Solomon Island, Maryland.  There were multiple layers of paint to be removed that had been applied over the years.  After hand sanding part of the hull themselves, the owners decided it was time to call a professional soda blaster.

Soda Blasting vs Hand Sanding

It is very easy to get a little heavy handed with sanding and dig into the gel coat in places, especially edges and hard to reach surfaces.  With soda blasting we can better judge the subtle color changes between paint and the gel coat surface.  We can leave the gel coat intact while removing only the surface paint.

Containment and Clean Up

Of concern to the marina owners is our containment and clean-up of the bottom paint.  The EPA is taking a greater interest in bottom paint as a hazardous substance.  We take care to lay plastic on the ground and surround the boat with a plastic tent to contain all of the material removed in the stripping process.  This is then picked up and properly disposed of.

Greatly Reduce Your Down-Time

With soda blasting we are generally done in one day and you can get on with the boating season!  
Nov 262011

Stripping Boat Bottom Paint Before Winter Storage

The boating season is winding down and boats are coming out of the water for winter storage.  If your boat has been in the water all summer and you plan to re-coat the bottom in the spring, consider removing the paint now.  This will give the fiberglass the chance to dry thoroughly over the winter months.

A Job Before Winter Storage

This is a 34' power boat stored at the Sue Island Marina in Essex, Maryland.  It is a 1993 model with 18 years of paint to be removed. 

Tight Quarters

The boats were tightly packed together for winter storage.  When we are stripping the bottom paint at a marina we always employ tenting the boat to contain the soda dust and paint.  By doing so, we were able to keep our dust to an absolute minimum.  We then remove the trapped debris for proper disposal.  At this particular site we were told that a previous soda blasting company had done work there without tenting and created a mess. 

Make It Easy On Yourself

This is a large boat and if you have ever tried hand sanding and stripping, you will appreicate the ease of having it soda blasted.  Most jobs can be accomplished in a day, ready to re-paint now or in the spring.
Oct 132011

Soda Blasting the Bottom Coating on a 24' Boat

We usually strip the ablative coatings of larger boats at Marinas.  This one is trailered for storage and was located in the owner's driveway for some work.  What better time to strip and re-paint, the boat has been out of the water for a season and is thoroughly dry.

Our Mobile Soda Blasting Service is Flexible

We can strongly recommend blocking your boat for better access.  If you have ever tried grinding, sanding or chemical stripping the anti-fouling paint yourself, you will really appreciate the speed and convenience of having that tedious part of the job professionally done for you.  We can be looking at a lot of square footage to strip, and with soda blasting, there is no damage to the gel-coat.

Power Washing with Hold Tight 102

We also offer the additional service of pressure washing the soda blasted surface with Hold Tight 102 and you are ready for repairs or to paint.
Apr 192011

Getting Ready for Fishing

We recently soda blasted to strip the bottom hull paint off of a very fine, 1987 Wellcraft.  This is a beautifully maintained, original owner, boat at Meehans' Marina in Sparrows Point, Maryland.  Rob, the owner, of this really nice marina, was super friendly and helpful.  As with many marinas, and boat owners, Rob is concerned with the state regulations and the environmental impact of anti-fouling paint removal.

Getting Ready to Soda Blast

With the boat set up on blocks, we lay down our drop cloths and tent the hull of the boat we are soda blasting.  The baking soda itself is non-toxic, but the paint removed is considered hazardous waste.  We want to contain as much as possible.  State regulations will call for periodic soil testing at all marinas.

Work Finished ~ Paint Gone

Work completed, the old paint is now removed from the hull.  The residual powder and paint is cleaned up and disposed of.  The hull is now ready for a fresh coat of paint, and another fishing season.

We Do the Work ~ You Save the Time

The soda blasting process only takes several hours, in this case about 4.  Try this with a hand grinder and you will appreciate the ease and time saved with this method.  Plus, soda blasting preserves the fiberglass gel-coat. Soda blasting is the fast, economical, environmentally responsible way to have your boat paint stripped and get you back on the water.

Call us now to get yourself scheduled.  443-487-3863

Nov 092010
The season is winding down for boating in Maryland’s many rivers and Chesapeake Bay area. Boat owners are ready to pull their boats out of the water and get them ready for winter storage. If stripping the anti-fouling paint and re-coating your hull is in your plans, then you have some options.

Consider Soda Blasting

Unlike sand blasting or hand grinding, soda blasting is non-abrasive. It uses food grade baking soda as the blasting agent. This means the gel coating on fiberglass is left undamaged.

We Come To Your Location

The anti-fouling coating on boat hulls is considered hazardous. We lay a drop cloth and then tent your hull to contain the dust and paint debris. When the job is finished, we clean up and remove the waste for proper disposal.

Soda Blasting is Fast

If you have ever tried hand sanding or chemical stripping your boat hull, you know how long that takes and how much work is involved. We get in, get the job done and get out in a day.

The Advantages of Soda Blasting for Stripping Marine Coating

Compared to other methods of stripping marine coatings, soda blasting is your obvious choice. Soda blasting is fast, non-abrasive, safe on underlying surfaces and clean-up is included. It is cost effective because getting the job done right the first time saves time, money and frustration. Whether you are cleaning and painting this fall before storing your boat for the winter or plan on doing it next spring, give Green Clean Mobile Soda Blasting a call.

Something to Consider When You are Purchasing a Boat

Paint can cover damaged and poorly repaired areas. Consider stripping the hull using soda blasting to see what you have.