Jan 082013

Who Do You Call?

How do you strip the paint from a classic Corvette without the hours of tedious chemical stripping or sanding, especially the hard to reach places?  Soda blasting of course, after all, this is a soda blasting web site.

Soda Blasting a Corvette to Remove Paint

This is another classic Vet we were recently called to soda blast.  The owners painter of choice advised soda blasting to get the job done, safely, fast and thoroughly.  This is a very nice 1971 model in really solid condition, in Crownsville, Maryland.  The car was ready with everything removed that would normally come off for painting.

Ready Set Blast

Here we are, one afternoon and all ready to go to the body shop for prep and paint.  We look forward to doing his 1965 convertable in the not too distant future.  

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