Jan 232011

Metal Prep and Primer

In Part 1 we did the set-up for soda blasting my El Camino driveway project car.  In Part 2 I covered the actual stripping process and removed all paint down to bare metal.  At this point, if there are no bad surprises, the tedious part is done for you.

There is one important step before applying primer or paint

You have some options for prepping the metal for paint after soda blasting.  The baking soda leaves a rust preventive coating on the exposed metal that gives you some working time without the flash rusting of most abrasive metal stripping.  As long as the body is kept dry this coating will protect the bare metal.  This coating must be neutralized before primer will adhere.

Neutralizing the Soda Coating

A commercial product called "Hold Tight 102" is available and will remove the coating and still leaves protection of it's own that can be painted over. I experimented with a home made solution of vinegar and water that had been recommended to me.  This method does not impart any protection against rust.  Furthermore, I found too strong a mixture will cause rapid surface rusting to appear.  I found that 1/8 a cup of vinegar to a bucket of water, brushed or scrubbed onto all surfaces and seams was satisfactory.  I had no rusting and the self-etching primer I used adhered very nicely with no flaking or peeling.

Project Stripped and Primed

This entire project can be completed in one weekend in your driveway.  Professional soda blasting makes the difference in time spent stripping the old paint, the most time consuming part of the project, from roughly 40 man hours to 1 afternoon.

For more details

For more details I can be reached at 443-487-3863 or e-mail me at greencleanmsb@gmail.com Driveway Car Project ~ Part 1 Driveway Car Project ~ Part 2

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