Feb 262013

Soda Blasting to Remove Boat Bottom Paint

It's not too early to get a start on boat maintenance for the upcoming boating season.  Weather permitting, we can soda blast year-round.  This is a 30' sailboat we did in February at the Old Bay Marina in Sparrows Point, Maryland.  

Old Paint

The bottom looked pretty rough to start, with several years of wear, crud and 3 layers of paint to strip.  We setup our containment and got started.  The temperature was around 39 degrees, borderline warm enough for our equipment.  

Cleaned Down to The Gel-Coat

4 hours later and the paint and crud are all gone.  The hull underneath was in great shape for a 30 year-old boat.  Some minimal clean-up and finishing and she is ready for a fresh coat of bottom coating.  


The spent soda and old paint are picked up and removed for disposal.  

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