Apr 192011

Getting Ready for Fishing

We recently soda blasted to strip the bottom hull paint off of a very fine, 1987 Wellcraft.  This is a beautifully maintained, original owner, boat at Meehans' Marina in Sparrows Point, Maryland.  Rob, the owner, of this really nice marina, was super friendly and helpful.  As with many marinas, and boat owners, Rob is concerned with the state regulations and the environmental impact of anti-fouling paint removal.

Getting Ready to Soda Blast

With the boat set up on blocks, we lay down our drop cloths and tent the hull of the boat we are soda blasting.  The baking soda itself is non-toxic, but the paint removed is considered hazardous waste.  We want to contain as much as possible.  State regulations will call for periodic soil testing at all marinas.

Work Finished ~ Paint Gone

Work completed, the old paint is now removed from the hull.  The residual powder and paint is cleaned up and disposed of.  The hull is now ready for a fresh coat of paint, and another fishing season.

We Do the Work ~ You Save the Time

The soda blasting process only takes several hours, in this case about 4.  Try this with a hand grinder and you will appreciate the ease and time saved with this method.  Plus, soda blasting preserves the fiberglass gel-coat. Soda blasting is the fast, economical, environmentally responsible way to have your boat paint stripped and get you back on the water.

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