Aug 232011

We Look Forward to These Kinds of Calls

We get calls for some very interesting projects.  This is a 1941 Ford pick-up truck being restored in Howard County, Maryland.  The steel was in great shape, amazingly solid and original.  Not what you would expect for something rescued from a chicken coup. 

Let's Get Busy

The truck was already disassembled for restoration.  We were able to access the inner fenders, firewall and cab interior.  Soda blasting cleaned and stripped the paint from all surfaces in one afternoon, in the owners driveway.  We saved the owner the tedious and time consuming job of sanding or chemical stripping and having to haul the vehicle to another site.

After Soda Blasting

The surface is now ready for prep, minus the paint, surface rust and mouse nests.  This pick-up came with the original flat-head V8 which is also being rebuilt.  We hope to get some pictures of the finished piece! Side Note:  If anyone is looking for a 62 Impala hood, we know where to find one.

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