Jul 222012

Soda Blasting to Strip Classic Car For Restoration

This 1961 Corvette is a piece of Baltimore, Maryland history.  We were contacted by A.C.E.S. Body and Paint Works, in White Marsh, Maryland to see if we could help in the restoration.

High Profile Car

You might recognize this classic car from its appearance in the movie "Hair Spray".  It was also the Corvette car that Cal Ripken Jr. rode around Camden Yards at his last major league game.  This is that car, and it is due for some TLC.

Part of the Restoration

A.C.E.S. does top quality work and we feel proud to participate in this project.  Chemical stripper was tried initially but was not working to satisfaction.  The priority was to safely remove the old lacquer paint with out damage to the 50 year old fiberglass underneath.  This is where we came in to help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0WyfmNmpTI

Soda Blasting~The Perfect Solution

We were there the next day.  With soda blasting we were able to strip the paint and primer down to the fiberglass.  Talk about fast and easy, the body was stripped clean and in the garage being prepped before we left.  All in one morning!
Feb 032011
We were contacted recently by a Baltimore group that steps in to help local families, similar to the popular TV series "Extreme Home Make-Over". A Baltimore family of 10 recently experienced a fire in an adjacent building that caused extensive fire, smoke and water damage to their home.  Without insurance to help with repairs they were confined to living on one floor of their town home with no heat and a fire damaged, leaking roof.

We Were Asked to Donate Our Time and Talent

"Living Class Rooms" was providing the work force for the structural repairs and "Good Fellas of Baltimore" was helping organize donations of materials and contractor help.

Why Soda Blasting

As repairs were progressing, there were areas that needed to be cleaned of mold and mildew from water damage, before sheet rock could be replaced.  This is where soda blasting comes in.  The damaged area was on the second floor so we had to go in through a window. Soda blasting is effective for mold and mildew removal, but some special equipment is required.  We use a fresh air supplied, full hood and full body protective suit.  The dust and blasted mold is contained as much as possible and removed for disposal.

Watch For This Series to Air on Fox 45 in February