Nov 162010
During remodeling or renovation following fire or smoke damage, how can you clean the soot from brick, masonry, or wood surfaces?

How Soda Blasting works to remove smoke and fire damage

This is a fire place we were recently called to clean in Laurel, Maryland.  The (insert name here) contractor had a brick fireplace with a mantle and hearth that had many years of accumulated soot and dirt discoloration.

Why Choose Soda Blasting to remove smoke and fire damage?

Pressure washing obviously would not be an option.  And scrubbing the fireplace with a scrub brush wasn't an appealing option either.  With soda blasting we were able to come in and tent off the work area to contain soot .    We cleaned all exterior surfaces plus the fire brick, completing all work in only two hours.

Soda Blasting is the best solution for extensive smoke and fire damage

In cases of more extensive smoke and fire damage, soda blasting not only removes soot and discoloration but also deodorizes at the same time, removing the smokey smell!  If it is smoke or fire damage to one fireplace, one room or one house, soda blasting is a fast, cost effective method to restore brick and masonry, and even wood surfaces.