May 242011

After Soda Blasting

What do you do for surface preparation before primering?  This is a question we get all of the time.  The protective coating left after soda blasting is great for inhibiting flash rusting on metal but it will not take paint or primer and therefore must be neutralized and removed.  This applies to any surface to be painted.  We have covered one way of doing this on some of our other   "do-it-yourself" posts.

We Now Offer Pressure Washing With Hold Tight 102

The newest service we offer is to finish the surface cleaning and preparation by pressure washing with "Hold Tight 102".  This is done after the soda blasting gets completed to remove the coating left by the soda and clean the surface making it ready for primer and paint.

What is Hold Tight 102

Hold Tight 102 is a commercial surface cleaner/surfactant that also provides a rust inhibiting protection that allows a working time of 48, up to 96 hours and can be directly primered or painted.  It is not a coating, the surface is super cleaned of all contaminants that actually cause the flash rusting. See Hold Tight 102 for complete details on this product.