May 142013

Soda Blasting - 1954 Dodge Power Wagon

This is a 54 power wagon under-going a restoration.  We were contacted to strip the old paint down to the very solid, American steel.  This was the "Hummer" of the 50s military vehicles.  You probably have seen these in some army movies, especially Korea.  We are working on a cold day in Damascus, Maryland.

It Looks Rough

But aside from the bed, there was not that much rust for a 59-year-old, well used, truck.  The plow hitch on the front must weight 400 pounds!

A Few Hours Later

We have the cab, fenders and hood stripped down and ready for some repairs and off to the painters.  The soda coating on the  bare steel will prevent rusting long enough to get work done, as long as it is kept dry.  I have left some panels of my own, that I had soda blasted, sit for a year in the garage with no surface rusting.  Just wash off the soda with soap and warm water and it is ready for prep.