Jan 102012

Soda Blasting to Strip Auto Paint

We soda blasted this 1941 Chevy, located in Lanham Maryland,  which is undergoing restoration.  It looks pretty good as-is but there were some tell-tale signs of work needed. 

What Are Your Choices

This car is 70 years old, it is very solid and all original steel, why take the chance with abrasive media.  The owner considered having the body dipped, but his experience with dipping was chemical leeching out of seams and joints which blistered the paint.

Enter Soda Blasting

We were able to strip two layers of paint, it was once gold, and some filler down to bare metal in the owners driveway.  As long as the body is kept dry, there is time to work with the restoration without flash rusting.

Customer Satisfaction

The owner was happy with the way the body turned out.  We were called back a second day to strip the hood and front fenders.  From the apparent craftsmanship going into the restoration, this 1941 Chevy should be a real show stopper when finished.  Watch for it.
Nov 262011

Stripping Boat Bottom Paint Before Winter Storage

The boating season is winding down and boats are coming out of the water for winter storage.  If your boat has been in the water all summer and you plan to re-coat the bottom in the spring, consider removing the paint now.  This will give the fiberglass the chance to dry thoroughly over the winter months.

A Job Before Winter Storage

This is a 34' power boat stored at the Sue Island Marina in Essex, Maryland.  It is a 1993 model with 18 years of paint to be removed. 

Tight Quarters

The boats were tightly packed together for winter storage.  When we are stripping the bottom paint at a marina we always employ tenting the boat to contain the soda dust and paint.  By doing so, we were able to keep our dust to an absolute minimum.  We then remove the trapped debris for proper disposal.  At this particular site we were told that a previous soda blasting company had done work there without tenting and created a mess. 

Make It Easy On Yourself

This is a large boat and if you have ever tried hand sanding and stripping, you will appreicate the ease of having it soda blasted.  Most jobs can be accomplished in a day, ready to re-paint now or in the spring.
Nov 172011

Soda Blasting Carbon Steel

How many people have one of these sitting around the yard collecting rust and dirt?  Somebody did.  This is a heat exchanger.  It is a carbon steel tube bundle that was left outside a little too long and required maintenance before it could be used again.

Who Are You Going to Call?

We were contacted by D&W Welding in York PA.  D&W handles some serious welding and fabrication work.  They originally built this unit for Stahl, Inc and were called upon to perform the maintenance.

What's First?

The first step was to clean the tube bundle.  Sand blasting, they found, tore-up the tubes so a less abrasive solution was to try soda blasting to remove the loose rust. 

Carbon Steel ~ Mild Steel

Carbon steel is much harder and rusts slower, pitting less, than mild steel.  Soda blasting will not clean mild steel as well as an abrasive media would because of this deep pitting.  Since this bundle was made of carbon steel, we were able to clean this down to a suitable surface for re-coating.  Soda blasting will also clean galvanized steel without damaging the zinc coating.

What's The Alternative?

Imagine wire brushing this by hand!

Nov 052011

A Fine Restoration Project

We had the opportunity to soda blast this very fine 67 Camaro RS in Westminster, Maryland.  It is being restored back to original with a 327, power glide, just a little better.  The body is solid looking with very little apparent rust.  We are working with a full interior and complete, running, drive train, so we cover and mask as much as possible to limit dust accumulation.

Soda Blasting - A Big Time Saver

Soda blasting quickly strips the paint down to bare metal.  Any areas of rust, filler or old repairs are exposed.  We can remove the filler or leave it on, whatever the situation is.  There were no bad surprises here, the body was in amazingly good condition.

Our Work Is Done

The stripping process is finished and ready for some body work and prep for paint.  The soda blasting process leaves a protective coating that inhibits rusting which allows time to work before priming.  This coating must be neutralized before painting.

Another Service We Offer

We offer power washing with a solution that removes the coating and still allows some working time before primer.
Oct 132011

Soda Blasting the Bottom Coating on a 24' Boat

We usually strip the ablative coatings of larger boats at Marinas.  This one is trailered for storage and was located in the owner's driveway for some work.  What better time to strip and re-paint, the boat has been out of the water for a season and is thoroughly dry.

Our Mobile Soda Blasting Service is Flexible

We can strongly recommend blocking your boat for better access.  If you have ever tried grinding, sanding or chemical stripping the anti-fouling paint yourself, you will really appreciate the speed and convenience of having that tedious part of the job professionally done for you.  We can be looking at a lot of square footage to strip, and with soda blasting, there is no damage to the gel-coat.

Power Washing with Hold Tight 102

We also offer the additional service of pressure washing the soda blasted surface with Hold Tight 102 and you are ready for repairs or to paint.
Oct 092011

Cleaning Aluminum Shelby Frames

When was the last time you saw an original Shelby all aluminum frame?  We had the opportunity to soda blast two of these.  These are all aluminum, welded, boxed frames manufactured by Shelby.  They have been sitting for years and needed cleaning for assembly.  Bob Wingard at FII Roadsters acquired a number of these and is producing custom, high tech Cobras based on these original frames.

Years of Oxidation and More

We were contacted to remove not only years of oxidation without damaging the aluminum, but also, some of the frames have been heated then dipped in a brine bath to strengthen the metal.  Residue from this process must also be removed.

What a Privilege

These frames are works of art, as are the finished cars and we really enjoy working on them.  (I got to sit in a finished Cobra for a few minutes, it felt great!)

A Time Saver

Imagine hand grinding, sanding into every angle, corner and weld.  With soda blasting we were able to clean two of these Shelby frames in one morning.

Soon to Appear

Watch for these FII Roadster Cobras to start appearing in the magazines.  You can check them out at www.fiiroadsters.com.
Aug 232011

We Look Forward to These Kinds of Calls

We get calls for some very interesting projects.  This is a 1941 Ford pick-up truck being restored in Howard County, Maryland.  The steel was in great shape, amazingly solid and original.  Not what you would expect for something rescued from a chicken coup. 

Let's Get Busy

The truck was already disassembled for restoration.  We were able to access the inner fenders, firewall and cab interior.  Soda blasting cleaned and stripped the paint from all surfaces in one afternoon, in the owners driveway.  We saved the owner the tedious and time consuming job of sanding or chemical stripping and having to haul the vehicle to another site.

After Soda Blasting

The surface is now ready for prep, minus the paint, surface rust and mouse nests.  This pick-up came with the original flat-head V8 which is also being rebuilt.  We hope to get some pictures of the finished piece! Side Note:  If anyone is looking for a 62 Impala hood, we know where to find one.
Jul 302011

Graffiti is Everywhere

You usually see graffiti outside.  It shows up on the sides of bridges, walls and any inviting surface.  Most of the time it is unwanted and difficult to remove. What do you do when it is inside the house you have purchased and are working to get the house into move-in condition?

Work in Progress

This is a home in Woodbine, Maryland.  It has a beautiful, brick fireplace that dominates the living room.  The graffiti is spray painted on all surfaces and up as high as 20 feet.  The idea was to remove the spray paint and preserve the natural brick while trying to create as little additional clean-up as possible.

Soda Blasting - The Best Option

In a situation like this, power washing, or a more aggressive abrasive media such as sand blasting,  would be unsuitable.  Soda blasting was the best choice.  The home owners did not want to sit in their new living room and look at tell-tale reminders of the vandalism.  It was a meticulous process to make sure the paint was completely removed.

Graffiti Removal - Final Test

The final test came when the owners had visitors over to see their house.  They emailed us that no one could tell where the graffiti had been.

The satisfaction of our clients is important to us, and that email made our day!

May 082011

Don't Let the Snow Stop Your Project Car

This past winter we soda blasted a 1974 Datsun 260Z project car in Reisterstown Maryland.  This is a car you don't see every day.  We enjoyed working on this Z car that was getting a complete rebuild from the ground up.

The Part Soda Blasting Played in Restoration

The car was very solid over all.  We were able to get in and strip the exterior, engine compartment, inside the trunk and inner fender wells. 

The Big Difference with Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting strips down to the bare metal without the damaging abrasion of many other medias.  This can make a difference with a classic you want to preserve.  The soda blasting process also leaves a protective coating on the bare steel that gives you some working time before primer is needed.

A Clean Project

The engine compartment grease and dirt build-up came off cleanly from the hard to reach areas as did the old undercoating.  The engine compartment alone can be a project.

What Ever Your Needs

We can do just the exterior, or add door jams, trunk interior, under hood/trunk lid, wheel wells and interior with dash.  What ever your needs.

We Can Get You Moving

Preparation is the key to a quality finish.  We can help you with the task of auto paint stripping and save you the tedious hours of sanding, grinding or chemicals.

Apr 192011

Getting Ready for Fishing

We recently soda blasted to strip the bottom hull paint off of a very fine, 1987 Wellcraft.  This is a beautifully maintained, original owner, boat at Meehans' Marina in Sparrows Point, Maryland.  Rob, the owner, of this really nice marina, was super friendly and helpful.  As with many marinas, and boat owners, Rob is concerned with the state regulations and the environmental impact of anti-fouling paint removal.

Getting Ready to Soda Blast

With the boat set up on blocks, we lay down our drop cloths and tent the hull of the boat we are soda blasting.  The baking soda itself is non-toxic, but the paint removed is considered hazardous waste.  We want to contain as much as possible.  State regulations will call for periodic soil testing at all marinas.

Work Finished ~ Paint Gone

Work completed, the old paint is now removed from the hull.  The residual powder and paint is cleaned up and disposed of.  The hull is now ready for a fresh coat of paint, and another fishing season.

We Do the Work ~ You Save the Time

The soda blasting process only takes several hours, in this case about 4.  Try this with a hand grinder and you will appreciate the ease and time saved with this method.  Plus, soda blasting preserves the fiberglass gel-coat. Soda blasting is the fast, economical, environmentally responsible way to have your boat paint stripped and get you back on the water.

Call us now to get yourself scheduled.  443-487-3863